Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So... Mr. Hale, is it? Wait.... or do I want Cullen.... hmmmm.

Throughout the whole 'Twilight' movie, all I wanted to do was to fuck the shit out of Robert Pattinson. I seriously had an orgasm throughout the whole fucking movie. BUT.... there was one part where Mr. Jasper Hale made me........ squirm. "Oh, well I think we can handle that."
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!....... well... hello there Jasper. DAMN the baseball scene for being so FUCKING hot!
hahaha. That's when I realized that Edward wasn't the only hot one. Because the next time I saw it, i noticed myself biting my lip when Dr. Cullen barged through those hospital doors (YUMMY much?) And even though Emmett wasn't making me as.... excited as the others were, I wouldn't kick him out of bed.
Haha, so bottom line.... Jasper was super hot during the whole baseball scene. He has my vote for president.

I can see it now... "barely of age girls... cumming in election booths *dramatic pause* all over the nation."
(Hello!?!? Presidential slogan much?)
WAIT..... scratch that....
"barely of age girls AND BOYS... cumming in election booths *dramatic pause* all over the nation."
(after the 'All-American Fuck Up' we had only a month ago..... *cough* Proposition 8 *cough* ..... I do NOT want to leave out our Will and Jacks of the world, do I?)

SHIT! I forgot Brian and Michael and Justin and Emmett (not Cullen. Grils keep your pants on) and Ted. Awwwww, my QAF boys <] *sigh*

ANYWAY... my point is that.... Jasper is hot. And YES, I did post a.... post on my blog just to say how attractive he is. >:) Get over it.

*sigh* is it too much to ask for a little Cullen/ Hale action for me for Christmas? hmmmm..... I'm thinking not.

Dear Santa,
Define 'good'.... because in *my* opinion *I* have been very good this year. And I deserve a Edward/ Jasper sandwich. But if you can only get one or the other, thats fine too... but if that were to happen, can you give me Edward, because (as much as i love Jasper) Edward is hotter.... and would give me a screaming orgasm that would make me go blind.

Thanks a bundle, A

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kathattack said...

hahaha i love you. help me write my letter to santa. you have a way with words. :]]]]]