Saturday, October 17, 2009


I fucking hate the fact that i give so much to everyone i love and i don't feel i receive even half of that. I give, and i try so hard to be the best friend i can be. I bust my ass for them. I really try my hardest not to say or do anything they look down on because i dont want to make them unhappy or angry with me. They are my friends and i know i should be myself, but sometimes i wish that someone would try as hard to make me happy.

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Jennifer S. said...

I have the exact same issue as you. We both need to learn to be kinder and more compassionate. Just because people don't love us back according to our own very picky ideals doesn't mean that they don't love us at all. Some people bust their asses for us without bragging or complaining once ever, and we need to look carefully for those people and recognize what they do for us. Just be yourself, be grateful for what you do have, and the rest will come.